Goodnight Intawong, INDILYFE Founder, wins The Curve Battle Thailand 2019

Goodnight Intawong has been announced the Winner of The Curve Battle Thailand 2019 beauty pageant by the organizer Oversized Overzaab, honoring her graceful beauty, versatile talents, entrepreneurial drive, and business acumen. Hailed as the “body positivity and plus-size models campaigns trailblazer”, The Curve Battle Thailand Awards, presented by Oversized Overzaab, is the leading national awards that honors Thai body diversity activists, challenging Thai media industry’s beauty standards in terms of size and skin tone.

Goodnight Intawong, a self-love advocate and body activist, is the Founder and CEO of INDILYFE, an online fashion boutique that showcases the most elegant designs and aesthetic comforts of swimwear, apparels, and jewelry. INDILYFE indicates Love, Youth, Freedom and Emotion through its collections that evoke jolly-wobbly summer vibes. Whether it is women fashion jewelry, ornaments, stylish clothes or swimwear, INDILYFE has got it all.

“Everyone is beautiful despite our diversity in colour, shape, and sex we’re in. Embrace yourself as an individual because no one can define your beauty as fine as you, yourself.”, Goodnight advises her followers.

Fans can watch the show highlights on Oversized Overzaab YouTube channel.



What do freedom and love stand for? They represent liberty, freewill, an equal opportunity for life and the pursuit of happiness. A lot of people, millennials alike; are on the constant search for where they could find this two significant attributes of life, love, and freedom.

INDILYFE online boutique is one unique place where you can find these two attributes of life in fashion sense. Our collections indicate freedom, and we choose how we present ourselves to the world — the freedom to create our style.

Discover a world of style in INDILYFE collections meant for classy women who want to dazzle in elegance and beauty. Indilyfe aspires to be the number one women fashion online store that showcases the most elegant designs and aesthetic comforts of swimwear, apparels, and jewelry.

Website: www.indilyfe.com
Facebook: facebook.com/INDILYFE
Instagram: Instagram.com/indilyfestyle

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