Secure money transfer and currency exchange: 

In order to ensure safety of Everex transactions, we use blockchain technology. Reliability and safety of blockchain held cryptographic keys that allow you easy verify the authenticity and correctness of the data.

Transparent Transactions:

You can check all your money transfer and currency exchange transactions on blockchain via a link from your wallet. All transactions are available to the audit and can not be changed or canceled due to the blockchain technology.

Bank guarantee money transfer and currency exchange:

The financial security of THBEX is provided by the bank SCB 100% in the form of an un- touchable cash deposit on the bank account in SCB in Bangkok. One THBEX always equals one Thai baht. The account is available to read-only access that allows you to check the safety of the deposit at any time.

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Security and your Everex Wallet

To improve the security of your wallet, Everex recommends:

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